Sun, Sea, and Sand: Rhode Island and Connecticut Vacation

Picture of boats in the water


Every summer my mom’s side of the family gets together for a family vacation. This summer, our destination was Westerly, Rhode Island. We don’t all get together very often because we live all over the place, so I always get so excited for our trip every year! Also, I had never been to Rhode Island before, so it was exciting to experience a new destination.

Before starting vacation with my extended family, my mom, dad, sister, and I stopped in Madison, Connecticut for the night. We stayed at a beautiful hotel on the beach and it was a very relaxing way to start our trip. After our first night I some how managed to wake up naturally at 6:30 am. This is a pretty rare occurrence for me because I am NOT a morning person, but I took this opportunity to take a walk down the beach and take some pictures. The views totally made it worth being up that early.

Picture of hotel on the beach

Picture of boats on the water

After our night in Connecticut, we were off to Rhode Island! This trip was my first time at the beach all summer so I was so excited to have some time to relax on the beach and swim in the ocean, and that’s what we did most of the week. I loved the beach in Westerly! The sand was nice and soft and the ocean’s waves were fun, but not too rough.

During one of our days there we decided to venture off of the beach and we headed down to the Watch Hill Lighthouse. To get to the lighthouse we had to park our car on a nearby road and then walk through the neighborhood. I didn’t mind one bit because it was such a nice walk with some great views of the water. The neighborhood is filled with huge mansions with beautiful gardens, including one owned by Taylor Swift!

Picture of lighthouse

Candid picture of girl

2 mansions

White mansion

Yellow house and garden

One of my favorite things about going on vacation at the beach is watching the beautiful sunsets. Every year we make an effort to watch at least one sunset during our vacation. We couldn’t actually see the sun setting from the beach we were staying at, but the sky was still beautiful, and my cousins and I took this as an opportunity for a fun little photo shoot. This night was probably my favorite part of the entire trip because we were just goofing around and sharing lots of laughs.

Sunset at the beach

Selfie of 3 girls

Girl at the beach at sunset  Candid picuture at the beach at sunset

Picture of 2 girls at the beach at sunset

Group picture on the beach at sunset

I can’t wait for another great vacation next year!

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